B2B Video & Photography

Combine superior imagery with strategy to capture more sales.


Let us help you meet your goals

Here are a few ways we use photos and videos to help our clients increase sales.

Increase Product Awareness

Letting the industry know about your latest product may come down to a simple, high quality photo. However, oftentimes video does a better job communicating specialized features and technological innovations. Stratimar can help you weigh the ROI between both approaches.

Improve Corporate Image

As your company grows, ensuring your company image aligns with your industry reputation can be difficult, especially in niche, sales-driven organizations. Stratimar works with clients to strategically improve their image. We don’t believe in ‘Marketing Fluff’.


Sell Large Systems & Facilities

Many B2B companies sell large systems and facilities that are difficult to present to clients. Using photography and/or video, Stratimar comes alongside its customers to create a clear visual understanding of their products & services.

Market Intangibles

Traditional B2B manufacturers are increasingly seeing controls, software, & automation drive their product sales. Marketing digital products and auxiliary services can be challenging. Stratimar specializes in producing imagery to sell both tangible and intangible products.


We're there on your timeline

Have a product assembled and ready to ship? Need a highlight reel of a new facility across the country? Does the new hire starting tomorrow need a headshot?

Stratimar’s agile approach allows us to meet client needs even with little to no pre-planning. While we prefer to develop a strategy and expectations in advance, we are able to adapt on the fly as your team is available.


Why Stratimar?

We’re B2B (Business to Business) marketers at heart. We specialize in the technical, the niche, and the complex.

For us, it’s not just about the storytelling or the art (which we do), but rather about helping our clients be successful. We save our clients time and money while helping them sell more products and services.